Spray Dried Dispersion

For the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that fall into BCS (biopharmaceutical classification system) class II and IV spaces, advanced formulation approaches are required to enhance the aqueous solubility and bioavailability. Amorphous solid dispersions (ASDs) via spray drying is one of the enabling technologies.

We have mg to gram scale spray drying equipment to enable formulation scientists to include spray-dried dispersions (SDDs) early in compound screening stage. We are equipped with GMP pilot and production scale (kgs to tons) equipment supporting drug development, clinical trial sample preparation and commercial production.

Our Capability

  • Lab scale: mg-g spray drying equipment
    BUCHI Spray dryer B-290 Capacity: 300-800ml/h
  • Pilot production: 2~8L/h Spray drying
    Supporting equipment: Hot air circulation oven (20kg)
    Vacuum oven (10kg)
  • Commercial production : 20~30L/h Spray drying
    Supporting equipment: Double cone rotary vacuum dryer (750L)
    Vacuum oven (240kg)