Solid State Chemistry Research

Chemexpress technology platform of pharmaceutical solid state chemistry research relies on the technical advantages in the field of organic synthesis and industry experience of deep cultivation of small molecule drug research for years, specializing on the service of pharmaceutical polymorph research and development and industry technology of solid state chemical. Our solid-state chemistry research technology platform has served many pharmaceutical companies around the world. It has successfully promoted the process from free form polymorph screening to the scale-up production of commercial ton-scale.

Meanwhile, the Chemexpress platform has close cooperation with well-known pharmaceutical companies concentrating on formulation R&D services, so far, one-stop service has achieved in some varieties from API synthesis process development to commercialization.

What We Can offer

  • Solid state analysis
  • Screening of Solid State (Polymorph, salt and co-crystal etc.)
  • Single-crystal culture, detection and resolution
  • Crystallization Process Service

Streamline of Polymorphic Research CMC Services

  • Drug Discovery
  • Pre-clinical research
  • Clinical Phase I
  • Clinical Phase II
  • Clinical Phase III
  • Commercialization
  • Polymorphic screening and salt screening and selection for primary definition the solid-state form for pharmacodynamic and toxicological studies
  • Further solid state screening and or selection for being available in formulation R&D
  • Comprehensive screenings for IND
  • Polymorph and salt screening for prolonging drug life cycle
  • 6 ~ 8 weeks
  • 8 ~12 weeks
  • 3 ~ 6 Months
  • Custom
  • Crystallization process study 10~12 weeks

Why Partner with Chemexpress

Six Technology Platforms

  • Continuous flow platform
  • Solid state analysis and test platform
  • Target crystal form production and scale up platform
  • Single crystal culture and analysis platform
  • Crystallization process development and optimization platform
  • Polymorph screening and prediction platform