Traditional batch type photoreactor is difficult to achieve large-scale production through photocatalytic reaction. ChemExpress photocatalytic continuous flow platform can provide process route development and optimization for photochemical reaction projects, achieving milligram to gram scale process development; also it can provide large-scale production of photochemical reaction products, achieving production from kilogram to hundred kilogram scale.

Continuous reactions

  • Ring-opening
  • Photo-redox
  • Photoinitiated- free radical reaction
  • Photo-isomerization
  • Photo-oxidation

Our Capability

  • Continuous flow solution in photo-isomerization step
  • Continuous flow solution in photo initiated free radical reaction
  • The platform has obtained a total of 4 utility model patents

Key Equipment

  • High Irradiation intensity array LED
  • Multi-channel multispectral LEDs
  • Multifunctional LEDs photoreactor
  • Photo reactor – 10mL-10L
  • Flowing photo reactor- 100mL-3000mL (single unit)
  • Mercury vapor lamps
  • Photochemistry
  • Photochemistry