High-Throughput Experimentation (HTE)

HTE is a well-proven tool that allows for the setup, execution, and analysis of many carefully chosen reactions in parallel, with less material and effort per experiment than traditional experimentation. ChemExpress has established HTE platform to keep up with the increasing demand of pharmaceutical timelines in drug discovery and development.

Reaction types

  • Metal-catalyzed cross coupling, Pd-carbonylation, C-H activiation, RCM, etc.
  • Heterogeneous hydrogenation, Asymmetric (transfer) hydrogenation
  • Bases, acids or Lewis acids catalyzed capability
  • Amide-formation
  • Chiral acids/bases resolution
  • Metal scavenger screening, salt-formation and crystalline polymorphs identification
  • Reaction development and optimization
  • Class variable screening
  • Catalyst Screening
  • Highly automated DoE
    (in progress)
  • Work-up development
  • Scavenger screening
  • High-throughput extraction
  • Crystallization development
  • Solid form and synthetic intermediate crystallization screening
  • Late-phase solubility