• Quality Control & EHS & IP Protection

Quality & Compliance

Since 2018, we have passed over 100 times clients’ audits and 11 third-party audits, including once GMP audit of EU QP.

ChemExpress has established a strict quality management system, and has got ISO9001 certificate in 2012. The quality management system regulates all projects from starting-up to delivery.

  • 100+
    Customer Audits
  • ISO9001
  • 11
    Third-party Audits
  • ISO14001
  • May
    ISO9001 Certification
  • Aug
    1st Sec DMF filled for GMP int. of Calcipotriol
  • Oct
    GMP under construction
  • Feb
    ISO14001 Certification
  • Dec
    RSM supplier of 1st ADC drug in China
  • Feb
    5th Sec DMF filed for RSM of ADC drug
  • May
    cGMP upgrading
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Safety

Environment, Health And Safety

Awareness of environment protection and employee safety has been effectively ensured by EHS department. Safety first has always been our code of conduct. we have established two laboratories for process chemistry safety assessment. The reaction safety data obtained from DSC and reaction calorimetry studies provide fundamental thermodynamic data to support process chemistry optimization, scaling-up, and process safety.

IP Protection

We implement IP management strictly to ensure the confidentiality of clients’ intellectual property and the safety of data, information transmission, and data storage.

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