Preparative Chromatography Service

ChemExpress offers one-stop preparative chromatographic stand-alone services for separation, purification and production of APIs and advanced intermediates under GMP. We are equipped with prep-HPLC and prep-SFC production systems that can support milligram to kilogram scale production.

Prep-SFC & Prep-NPLC

What we Can offer

  • Method Development
    Chiral analysis and separation method development and optimization
  • Types of Compounds
    Chiral or achiral compounds could be separated and purificated
  • Scale of Sample Weight
    Chiral separation at scale from milligram to kilogram, including chiral separation using Prep-SFC and prep-NPLC, concentration, QC and packaging
  • GMP or GLP System
    Provide GMP or GLP separation and purification support
  • SFC Analytical Instrument UPCC
  • Waters PrepSFC150Mgm
  • YMC K-PrepLAB100G
  • YMC K-PrepLAB300G
  • Waters PrepSFC350


Equipped with advanced instruments, the Prep-RPLC team has abundant experience in preparative chromatographic method development, method optimization, bench-scale and scale-up preparation. We can provide specialized services to meet the requirements of milligram to kilogram scale purification.


  • Multi-set of LCMS, HPLC to support method development
  • 9 sets of automatic preparation HPLC instruments (flow rate 100-200mL/min), equipped with UV, MS detector, various types of 2.5cm, 3cm, 5cm preparative columns, providing mg to g scale separation under GLP
  • 3 sets of industrial preparation system ( flow rate 1L-4L/min ), with 15cm, 30cm DAC, providing 100g to kg scale separation under GMP
  • Separation Products: Purification of APIs and advanced intermediates ; Isolation of drug impurities; Separation and purification of ADC, Protac, Nucleotides, etc.

Key Equipment

  • Agilent 1260 HPLC
  • LC-20ADXR/LCMS-2020
  • Gilson GX-281
  • Shimadzu LC-20AP/LH-40/LCMS-2020
  • Hanbon CS-prep 150 industrial preparation system