• Discovery

Synthetic Chemistry

What we can offer

  • Custom Synthesis Service
    Building blocks, reference compounds, novel chemical reagents, etc.
  • Scale up
    From milligrams to kilograms

Why Partner With ChemExpress

Riched Synthesis Experience

  • Skilled at tackling complex synthetic routes : experienced in the synthesis of a variety of reference compounds, small molecules for antibody-drug conjugates (MMAE Exatecan, Eribulin, etc.), and PROTACS
  • Structure modification of target-related compounds : including over 20 signaling pathwaysand hundreds of targets for therapeutics, such as KRAS, PI3K, Bcl-2, HDAC, BET, CDK, JAK, ERK, EGFR, PD-1/PD-L1, GSK-3, STING, etc.

Enabling Technolgies

  • Complex chemical technology : anhydrous and oxygen-free operation, high pressure hydrogenation operation, operation of hazardous compounds such as diazomethane, etc.
  • Multiple chemical technology platforms : high-throughput catalyst selection, continuous flow chemistry, multi-step coupling synthesis of amino acids, photo chemistry, isotope labeling, etc.

Medicinal Chemistry

What we can offer

  • High-throughput screening and discovery of active compounds based on structural design
  • Hit compounds discovery from DEL
  • Lead compounds optimization
  • Pre-clinical drug candidates development

Why Partner With ChemExpress

  • Assisted 3 clients to complete PCC development within one year
  • 3-6 compounds delivered per full-time employee (FTE) each month, and the number of reactions completed by each scientific researcher > 10
  • Expertise at multistep synthesis and refractory problem solving(linear reactions > 12 steps , total > 15 steps)
  • On time delivery rate for the known target compounds>95% , and for the unknown targets >85%
  • Elite chemists SWAT TEAM
  • State-of-the-art laboratory information and compounds management system for product and data management

Efficient Team

    Service Types
  • 10+
    Rich Experience In Drug R&D
  • 3-6 Compounds
    Delivered Per Full-time Employee (FTE) Each Month

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