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Building Blocks

Haoyuan Chemexpress has excellent experienced technical staff, which can develop feasible and efficient chemical synthetic route timely. We have been providing our customers with cost-effective and high quality services of CRO building blocks since 2005. With rich experiences in customized chemical synthesis, we ensure on-time delivery of diversified compounds to meet all clients’ different requirements. We can also research and develop chrial compounds and new compound molecules according to each customer demands. For businesses in development, synthesis and analysis fields, Haoyuan Chemexpress arranges laboratory projects systematically and rationally, and fully grasp the planning and flexibility features of R&D, in order to meet customers’ standards of time, quality and cost control.
 Design and synthesis of diversified database compounds
 Design, synthesis and analysis of using chemical informatics to assist compound library
 Design and synthesis of diversified chemical library.

(Annual production capacity of compound library is more than 10,000 compounds; the synthesis amount of each compound is bigger than 20 mg; the purity is more than 85%)

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