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APIs and API intermediates

We are able to provide the services of intermediates and APIs’ process development and scale up production. They include the laboratory works such as process R&D and small scale synthesis of APIs which are used for drug candidate selections, GLP toxicology studies, preclinical and pre-formulation studies. Our professional services ensure on-time delivery of cost-effective and high quality chemicals to meet the clients’ aggressive timelines. Our services further extend to relatively large scale kilo lab synthesis by efficient scale up of existing route. With the support of our cooperators, Haoyuan Chemexpress also has the capability of cGMP kilo lab and Pilot Plant manufactures which meet the western standards.


Manufacture of APIs and intermediates from gram to kilo scales
On-time delivery of low cost and high quality chemicals

Process development

The process R&D team of Haoyuan consists of a number of chemical experts, who can ensure efficient and professional service of process development.
■ Two separate kg level laboratories
■ Rapid process R&D
■ Kg level SFC chiral compound separation capability
■ Process safety assessment
■ Process analysis development support
■ Integrated technical support and plant production
■ Commercial process development for advanced intermediates and APIs

cGMP kilo lab and Pilot Plant facilities built to western standards

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