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Complex Multi-chiral Drug Technology Platform

Global complex multi-chiral drug technology development and optimization platform,provides technical services to global customers for product industrialization. The platform has completed the process development, pilot production and process verification of several projects, among which the industrialization transformation of two drug products  Eribulin and Trabectedin, was successfully achieved and assisted in accelerating the drug R&D process.
A  multi-chiral-center drug has many stereoisomers with similar structures and properties, and its synthesis, separation, impurity control, structure confirmation and quality research are highly complex. Despite that our R&D team has route design and development capabilities for multi-step synthesis. We are skilled in the technologies of chiral resolution, asymmetric synthesis, separation and purification. We possess strong process optimization capability, abundant impurity sample acquisition means, precise quality control strategies and a comprehensive analytical method development capability to meet the requirements of product industrialization.

Platform Technologies