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High Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (HPAPI) Development Platform

Chemexpress’s high potency API (HPAPI) development team provides a global platform for R&D and the production of high potency APIs. The platform has developed the synthetic processes of cytotoxic products, highly sensitive products and other high potency APIs.
High potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPI) can act selectively on targets as compared to other active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). The low dose and high efficacy characteristics make High potency APIs complex and high-value drug molecules. The major challenges are synthesis, quality research and air-tight isolation that impede the development and research of production. Despite the challenges, our research team used the concept of QbD and completed the systematic integration of the powder processing system for high potency API in combination with the characteristics of different high potency drugs following GMP and EHS requirements. Now that can be integrated with equipment for material transfer, freeze-drying, weighing, packaging and other purposes, to achieve air-tight production.

Platform Technologies