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Vitamin D Derivative Drug API R&D Platform

Chemexpress’s vitamin D derivative drug API R&D is a production platform of vitamin D generic drugs. We are engaged in the development of vitamin D derivative projects for more than a decade. We have developed and produced a variety of vitamin D derivative products, which are at a high level in China in terms of synthesis technology, quality control, standardized production and other aspects.
Vitamin D analogs belong to hormone-like compounds. These types of drugs generally have the basic skeleton of vitamin D compounds with multiple chiral centers (>6) and need to be obtained through multi-step chemical synthesis  (10-20 steps). Due to the conjugated triene structure in the molecule, such compounds are sensitive to light, heat and oxygen and are unstable. However,they are characterized by high potency active, small dose, strong sensitization and high protection requirements in the research and production process. The synthesis of such drugs involves various reactions such as chiral synthesis, ozonation and photochemical reaction. During the project development in more than a decade, we have accumulated rich experience in R&D and production as well as experienced human resources. A total of more than 10 relevant invention patents and utility model patents have been applied for and granted. The technologies disclosed in the patents involve the production process, equipment of vitamin D generic drugs and synthesis and development of active controls.

Platform Technologies