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Shanghai HaoyuanChemexpress Co., Ltd. was invited to attend The 2nd CMC-Expo China and API Summit to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the industry

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On October 22-23, Shanghai HaoyuanChemexpress Co., Ltd. attended the " The 2nd CMC-Expo China (2020)" and " API Summit".  President Dr. Zheng Baofu was invited to give a keynote speech on "Opportunities and Challenges of ADC drug CDMO services ". The Expo was held in Suzhou by PHARNEX and BioValley.

Dr. Zheng Baofu shared the significance of ADC drug development, industry development trend, ADC drug development status, and introduced the ADC drug CDMO service platform of HaoyuanChemexpress. This service platform provides customers with multi-directional services such as linker-toxin synthesis, analysis method development, coupling process development, purification process development, formulation, and stability research, etc. Moreover, the HaoyuanChemexpress team has strong organic synthesis capabilities and rich experience in manufacturing active pharmaceutical compounds.  

Dr. Zheng Baofu also talked about the coexistence of opportunities and challenges of ADC drug CDMO services. The ADC drug market has a broad prospect and is a technology-intensive industry with a high threshold and huge investment. There is an urgent need to enhance core technology, patent technology, and create brand advantages to compete with foreign CDMO service providers. We have experienced rapid development from 2017 to 2020 in the ADC drug industry. However, Covid-19 has led to the slowdown of globalization and limited the targets of the ADC drug industry. 

With the theme of "improving R&D efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs", more than 100 industry leaders, enterprise experts, scientific research scholars, and more than 3000 pharmaceutical representatives gathered to share and exchange views on several hot topics and technology hotspots.

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