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Training system

“People-oriented, respect, pay attention to and develop talent” strategy is always the most important part for the development and growth of Haoyuan Chemexpress. It determines future technology and market scale of the company. Talent is forever an inexhaustible motive force for corporate development. Based on the company’s actual situations, Haoyuan Chemexpress will develop detailed training plans every years to train staff at all levels.

Contents: Discuss and communicate R&D, production and management skills, and carry out education of corporate culture concept, outward training on determination and quality, and entertainment activities in various forms.

While carrying out interior training, we invite celebrities to teach expertise and management experience. This internal and external training will better improve personnel management concepts, better strengthen teamwork, improve operation efficiency of Haoyuan Chemexpress, enhance its competitiveness and development potential, and contribute to its development by leaps and bounds.

Management Personnel Training:

Haoyuan management staff mainly receive external training. They absorb external experience and integrate it with internal experience, constantly improve overall quality, and promote standard operation. The ultimate goal is to achieve maximum management efficiency.

Training Activities:

2018 Haoyuan Chemexpress annual meeting for the Spring Festival 2018-01-20
Two days’ travel in Tong Lu 2017-11-28
Chongming Island—Get close to nature, releases for flight the mind 2013-06-06
2012 Company Annual Summary and Commendation Congress 2013-01-31
The Autumn Trip to Ningbo in 2012 2012-11-16
2012 Fire Fighting and Evacuation Drill Summary 2012-09-18
Summary of the Outward Bound on Changxing Island 2012-07-16
2012 HaoYuan chemexpress Badminton Competition 2012-04-25
2011 Company annual summary commendation congress and Fifth anniversary celebrat... 2012-02-10
Qingdao——Take you feel “red roof tiles, green trees, azure seas and blue skies m... 2011-10-30
Company Annual summary commendation congress held in 2010 2011-02-12
A travel toThe Qiandao lake 2010-12-20
Summary and experience of the Outward Bound 2010-07-20
2010 New Year's party 2010-03-09
Fire prevention and safety training activities 2009-11-09
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