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Haoyuan Profile

Shanghai Haoyuan Chemexpress Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise located in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park of Shanghai. We are mainly engaged in R&D and sales of related compounds of new drugs, specialty pharmaceutical API, advanced intermediates, organic synthetic masonry, and high-end reagents, etc. We also provide services for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, including the commissioned development of new drugs and generic drugs, the declaration of drug certificates, and the improvement of production technology. The special services we provide include: the technical development of chiral drugs, the research and development of Vitamin D series compounds, the development of an active molecular library.

We follow the standard modern enterprise management system and have established an organizational structure of scientific decision-making, rational division of labor, smooth communication and clear responsibilities. According to the actual needs of management, we organically combine technology, product development, quality, market and logistics scientifically.

We have two specialized R&D centers: R & D Contract Research Organization (CRO), Research and registration center (API). Haoyuan has over 7,500m² of operation premises. The R&D laboratory is more than 3,000m² and is equipped with a variety of R&D laboratory equipment. The quality control management laboratory is over 2,000m², equipped with high-efficient liquid chromatograph, digital melting point apparatus, digital polarimeter, UV spectrophotometer, acidometer and other basic test equipment. We have set up two kilogram-level intermediate test laboratories, which lay speedy and stable foundation for process amplification and production of superior products, and ensure growing customer demand and smooth commercial production. The company has established good cooperative relationships with Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Planned Parenthood Research, Zhangjiang Public Service Platform and Shanghai Normal University, and carried out a variety of creative R&D cooperation activities, in which we conveniently use their NMR, mass spectrometry, LC-MS, single crystal diffraction and other precision instruments for test purpose.

The hardware conditions such as instruments and equipment already owned by the company fully meet the production demand of various projects. Haoyuan focus on the introduction and training of professional and technical personnel, with a core team of nearly two hundred R&D personnel specializing in the research, development and design of biological medicine and chemical products. The average industry research and development experience of core team members is over 10 years, all of them have bachelor's degree or above, among which 20% are doctor's degree and master's degree. We have established a set of scientific management system from R&D to production and sales. The R&D center adopts a project management system, and set up the project leader for each R & D project, and equipped with R & D team responsible for product development. At the same time, we deploy corresponding implementers according to different solutions to ensure project management in the design, development, testing and installation of each project. We rely on advanced equipment and strict management to provide every customer with high-quality products and services!

For the molecules whose compound patent has not expired, we will not sell them publicly, but provide them by signing conditional agreements. In other words, we will ask customers who intend to buy our products to provide relevant legal documents testifying that using the compound will not infringe intellectual property rights, and to promise to bear all potential legal liabilities related to intellectual property arisen from using the compound in the future.

Over the years, Haoyuan Chemexpress has made tremendous progress in Chinese API industry. Everything originates from Innovation and is for customers. Haoyuan Chemexpress understands your needs, and will make every effort to achieve a new round of technological breakthrough and provide you with new technical methods. Haoyuan Chemexpress helps you overcome technical bottlenecks and make China's API production technology catch up the world level.

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