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Haoyuan Culture

Everything is for customer and originates from innovation

Haoyuan Vision:

Haoyuan Chemexpress Co., Ltd. aims to become a customer-satisfying, staff-satisfying, society recognized, world-facing, industry-leading, internationally competitive and globally first-class pharmaceutical R&D enterprise!

Haoyuan Concept:

People-oriented We respect talent and pay special attention to talent. Every employee is an important part of the company. We provide a platform of study and exchange, broader development space and more care for each employee, make employees have the same goals and value orientations with us, stimulate good innovation awareness and creativity of excellent personnel, and work with them to jointly promote the development of both the company and themselves!

Credit and Honesty Credit and honesty are basic principles for the operation and management of Haoyuan Chemexpress. We believe that integrity and honesty are fundamental for a company’s survival and cornerstone for its long-term development. As an enterprise, we always treat customers, employees and investors by upholding the belief of “credit and honesty”.

Pragmatism and Innovation Pragmatism and innovation are operation philosophy throughout the company. We pursue benefits in an efficient way, and pay more attention to efficiency than scale. We always maintain innovation spirit to open up a new era of pharmaceuticals.

Responsibility, Teamwork, Profession & Efficiency, Sustained Growth

Core Values:

Responsibility, Teamwork, Profession & Efficiency, Sustained Growth


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