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Sci. & Tech. Results

Intellectual Property:

Haoyuan Chemexpress always attaches great importance to intellectual property protection. Protecting intellectual property is of important strategic significance to our customers, and the company's survival and future development. The company has established a stringent document management system to strictly ensure that partners’ confidential and proprietary information from disclosing. Our company has applied for five invention patents and been granted one patent. At the same time, our company has applied for protection of Haoyuan trademark and copyright to comprehensively protect Haoyuan’s intellectual property.

Technological Innovation:

August 2016
Shanghai Haoyuan Medchemexpress Co., Ltd. "MMAE series of antibody-coupled drug research and development" project successfully set up Shanghai 2016-year Innovation fund.
June 2016
Shanghai Haoyuan Chemexpress Co., Ltd., "new drug Research and Development Laboratory" project successfully developed in 2016 Shanghai SME Development Special.
August 2015
Shanghai Haoyuan Medchemexpress Co., Ltd. "Peptide Drug Preparation Platform" Project Successfully Established 2015 Pudong Science and Technology Development Fund Biomedical Comprehensive Project.
June 2014
Shanghai Haoyuan Medchemexpress Co., Ltd. " Methanone and its key intermediates research and development" project successfully projects 2014 Shanghai Innovation Fund.
June 2013
Shanghai Haoyuan Chemexpress Co., Ltd. characteristics of vitamin D series of "Paricalcitol and its intermediates research and development" successfully project 2013 Shanghai Innovation Fund.
October 2011
Shanghai Haoyuan Chemexpress Co., Ltd. " Asenapine Synthesis technology innovation Research and Development" successfully project 2011 Shanghai Innovation Fund .
August 2008
Haoyuan "chiral all-synthetic natural product Triptolide and novel anti-tumor activity Triptolide derivative" project was successfully established in 2009 Shanghai Innovation Fund.
May 2007
Haoyuan and Fudan University jointly undertook the national 863 Plan "discovery of new anti-Mycobacterium tuberculosis precursor compound and its function evaluation".
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